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Head Coach (PHRESH Visionary) Lenora!


I was, first introduced to dance at a very young age. I remember being in my grandmother’s bedroom mimicking icons such as (the late) Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, MC Hammer, Paula Abdul (etc.) the list goes on. My childhood friends and I would make up dance routines nonstop (almost every weekend). The intricate movement of the body really amazed/fascinated me.

I finally received the chance to display my talent by dancing for the “Richmond High School Cheer/Dance Team” (Go Oilers!) under the direction of Miss. Tukeva (who by the way) still teaches cheer/dance at Richmond until this day. She is such an amazing woman.

Around 2004 I created my own dance team, which I named “PYT and the Fellas”.

The members included:

My three children, three of my nieces and two of my little cousins. 

We preformed at talent shows, hair shows and birthday parties. Always taking “First place” and leaving the crowd wanting more.

By 2005, I was ready to try something “NEW” so, I signed up to be a cheer coach for the West County Spartans. This is where my skills evolved and my choreography emerged to another level. I created some of my best choreography at West County. West County is also, where I met my mentor Kevin Alexander (who was much younger than I was). He taught me a lot about “Cheer”.

I became well known in the “Cheer World” for my tough, firm, strict teaching however, I was also fun, loving and always got the job DONE!

We won some battles, we lost some battles but at the end of It “ALL”, we had a great time and we became FAMILY!

I am looking forward to this same “Atmosphere” with the PHRESH FAMILY!


One Love

Coach L’s

Coach Kevin 

Coach Coya

Coach Jamelia 

Coach Fee 

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